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Studio based in Warwickshire

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't feel comfortable buying through the website of someone I have not met, how do I know you are the real deal?

I fully appreciate buying online can be a little 'faceless' at times, especially when buying something in the Art & Craft world.   

I am more than happy to be contacted by phone or email so you can speak to me directly.  My studio is always open for visitors and you can follow me and my goings on via my Facebook page.

Hopefully all of these will give enough credibility for you to feel comfortable making a painting purchase with me.

Can I only buy a painting from your website using the online payment system?

I would like to think I am friendly and approachable, so if you are more comfortable with alternative payment methods please do feel free to email or call me and we can sort payment by Cheque, Bank Transfer etc.  

Can you accept debit and credit card payments?

Yes. I can securely accept debit and credit card payments using PayPal (no account needed).  Please see the question below for more details.  Both the Shopping Cart and PayPal Payment gateway are SSL secured.

Do I need a PayPal account to make payment and how secure is it?

No you do not need a PayPal account to make payments.  When following the payment instructions you will be able to choose whether to pay directly with a Credit or Debit card.  In this case PayPal is simply the payment system


Login into your PayPal account if you have one.


PayPal is a well trusted payment gateway used by millions of businesses and individuals all over the world.  A great way to make and receive secure online payments.

Both the shopping cart and PayPal Payment gateway are SSL secured.  PayPal processes the payment so I never see any of you card details etc.  Only I will see you postal address and it will not be used for anything else or passed on to anyone in anyway.

For more details about PayPal click here to visit their site.

Do you ship internationally?

I am more than happy to ship paintings outside of the UK.  Please get in touch for a postage quote.  If you are happy with this I can email through a PayPal invoice.

What are the postage cost for shipping a painting?  Is there a postage discount on more than one painting.

Cost for shipping paintings depends on size and destination.

When shipping multiple similar sized paintings together I can offer a postage discount.  This will be in the form of partial postage refund once the full payment has been made.  Multiple paintings that vary largely in size will still have to go as separate packages, with full shipping costs on each.

Small to medium paintings - UK mainland £15.  Particularly small paintings maybe eligible for a partial refund on the postage after payment.  

Larger paintings generally £25 UK mainland.

Small to medium in outer regions i.e. highlands, islands etc - £20

Larger Paintings generally around £35

For outer UK regions and international destinations please get in touch for a postage quote.  If you are happy with this I can email through a PayPal invoice.

How long will it take to receive a painting once the payment is made?

Unless I am away, or your order is placed over a weekend, I can usually get paintings packed up and off within 3 days or so.  Usually with a 48 hour courier service.  So I would hope to get paintings to you within 7 working days.

Can I come and collect a painting from you after paying online?

Absolutely! It is always great to meet buyers in person.  You can follow all the payment instructions online and choose 'collection in person' as the postage option.  You can then email or call to arrange a collection time.

Can I return my painting once I have received it?

Having the physical painting in front of you can be different from seeing it on a screen (usually for the better), especially with variations in colour and brightness across many different screens.

So, if for what ever reason you are not happy I do offer a 14 day money back on original painting purchases.   

If you could let me know as soon as possible I am happy to refund payment (minus shipping costs) once the painting is back in my hands in exactly the same condition as it left them.

The responsibility and cost of returning the item is that of the buyer, but I am more than happy to advise on couriers and how to go about returning a painting safely.

What happens once I have placed my order?

I am mostly selling one-off original items, so even though you are placing an order online I do not want the transaction to be a 'faceless' one.  

I like to have direct contact with buyers and will email you to let you know your payment has been received, and to keep you up to date with the status of your order.

I will try to get your painting to you as quickly as possible.  Once payment is made the item will be packed ready for posting.  A 48 hour courier will be booked and I will email you the details of when the parcel is to be picked up and therefore when it can expected at your end.  With a tracking number if applicable.

Do I have to accept the frame the painting is sold in?  Can I order a different frame?

Short answer, no you don’t and yes you can.  I am more than happy to organise alternative frames than the ones I have listed.

Any frames pictured and listed are my standard range of frames that I know suit my work well.  They are also a created to be fairly neutral and to fit in a wide variety of settings.

That said, of course tastes, settings and preferences vary hugely so they are by no means the only option.

If you are keen to secure a painting please go ahead and make payment, choosing the unframed option.  We can then discuss and sort a different frame.  Any extra costs will be invoiced for separately afterwards.

If a painting is  only offered unframed can you frame it for me before posting?

Yes, no problem.  To secure painting as yours please go ahead and make the purchase online.  We can then discuss, via phone or email, your framing requirements and I can get the painting framed for you.

The cost of the frame will then be invoiced for separately and payment to clear before shipping out.